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Stop publishing & praying for book sales and build a loyal audience that buys up all your books! 


Everything you need to build a ready-to-buy target-reader audience, so you can ditch the Publish & Pray Method and start pulling off successful book launches and making consistent book sales.

(Join today — doors close soon!)

Are you ready?!

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Whether you’re new to self-publishing or you've been in game for a while, audience building is a crucial step for a successful book launch and consistent book sales. It's the difference between begging people to buy your book and having people begging to buy your book.

But Here's the Problem:

Self-published authors are struggling to sell 

because most authors jump into the publishing and launch processes without putting much thought into who will actually buy the book once it's released.

  • Practice the Publish and Pray Method: They throw the book up on Amazon, make a social media post, and pray that it sells. But then .. it doesn't.​​

  • Have way too much confidence: So they think everybody is going rush to buy their book just because it's just so good! But then ... they don't.​

  • Think tricks & hacks will bring success: So they manipulate the Amazon algorithm so they can screenshot a temporary bestseller status for bragging rights. But ... it has no weight and doesn't last.

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Myth Buster #1: "Build it and they will come" only works for the movies, not your book sales.

Publishing without an audience is like throwing a party without inviting guests ...

A lot of authors get it backwards, rushing to publish and launch the book as quickly as possible, then scrambling in vain to try to convince random people to buy it.  


But here's the thing; nobody wants to buy your book, or any book for that matter, because a book without context holds no value. And sadly, many authors don't realize this until launch time ... when it's too late. 

You have to invite people to the party if you want them to come. People will only buy your book when they know, like, and trust your brand, which is why you must build your audience BEFORE you launch.


You're struggling to build your audience because you don't know how to be engaging and interactive. You're probably a friendly person in real life, but self-consciousness and introversion take over when it comes to putting yourself out there.

You're not sure how to show up on social media beyond posting pictures. The idea of making video content terrifies you, especially because you have no clue what you should even talk about.

It seems impossible to grow your email list because you don't know how to approach your target readers in a way that would make them want to give up their precious email addresses without a fight.


You can build an engaged audience of targeted readers who will buy up all your books, but something is holding you back.
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With no time or money to waste on common mistakes; you want to get this right, whether it's the fist time or a re-do. This is your future on the line; but you're just not sure who to trust. 

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You have a ready-to-buy target audience filled with enthusiasts for your brand. They're always on GO, lapping up anything you launch, whether it's a book or another product or service.

You've hit the jackpot because you're living and working in your purpose, with the privilege of being able to focus on the craft, instead of convincing  people to buy your book. 

 You feel accomplished, anticipated, loved, and admired, like Beyoncé when she's about to drop an album. You know that when you launch your book, your audience is going to buy it. Period.

You're at ease, with less overwhelm, less trial and error, less effort to master a process that seems impossible and ever changing because you've identified the perfect readers who just GET you. 

introducing ...


Your all-in, go-to, never-need-another online course to learn how to attract the RIGHT readers to your author brand, make them fall in love, and buy every book you launch.

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Audience Builder Blueprint breaks down a proven audience-building process in bite-sized details and easy-to-learn, implementable steps. With all the tools and support you need to take action and see results, this course is all bang and no fluff.


all the tools you need to grow a ready-to-buy
 in one place:


To Thorough Video Instruction


With PDF Workbooks


BTS Screenshare Walkthroughs


In Our Private Community


With Plug-n-Play Templates


With Lifetime Access

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

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Monique was able to give me clear direction and a system that has been proven to work.  She helped me clearly identify my brand and provided information and tools required to grow my business. I am now reaching my ideal readers, attracting coaching clients, and I feel confident with the books I publish.  

- NicoleMcClendon

NMcclendon pic.jpg

I'm blown away by the content for this course. I've been struggling to define and communicate what my brand is about, but this course has helped me so much already. The prompts and research are on point, and I had some really great "aha" moments that have really helped me understand the value I offer.

- Montrez


I loved working with Monique! She helped me to identify my target audience, what my offer is, my branding, and communicate that with the world. With Monique's help, I went from 770ish followers in February to over 13,000 followers in December of the same year! And I'm also growing my email list fast!

- Nikieta Lambert

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build your ready-to-buy audience in


Build a profitable author brand that attracts the perfect target readers.

Build  your author brand from scratch with my proprietary 5-step Brand Builder Blueprint

Identify a marketable genre for your book and the specific type of reader who is meant to fall in love with your books.  

Create an authentic and relatable brand identity that connects you with your target readers and makes you stand out amongst the crowd. 

Craft an irresistible brand offer based on values and interests that your readers just can't refuse.

Take your target readers on an intentional journey with your brand with a compelling brand message that encourages them to know, like, and trust you. 

Phase 01

Module Outline- Monique.png

Create a high-value free offer that will help you build your email list fast!

Brainstorm ideas for two different types of free, valuable offers that will be no-brainers for your audience and have them rushing to opt-in.

Create a high-quality lead magnet that will impress your target readers and prime them to buy your paid book.

Build a high-converting landing page for your lead magnet that represents your brand and makes your lead magnet an obvious choice.

Use done-for-you Canva templates to create beautiful mockup images for your lead magnet to use for promo.

Phase 02

PHASE 02- Monique.png

Design a high-converting website that drives email opt-ins while you sleep.

Set up the basics for your website so it can serve as home base for your author brand and optimize your results.

Design or re-design your website so that it communicates your brand message, showcases your brand value, and drives traffic to your email list.

Build a landing page for your paid book that will highlight its value and drive direct sales for your book to increase your profits. 

Use done-for-you templates to guide you through the design process when you're ready to implement what you've learned and design your site.

Phase 03


Create a marketable IG page & addictive content that grows your followers fast!

Set up your Instagram author page like a branded business that clearly highlights your value.

Create addictive content that speaks your target readers' language and keeps them glued to your page.

Boost engagement with proven methods that will keep your followers involved and invested!

Learn the simple 20-minute-a-day routine that helped me gain 1,000 followers per month. 

Use done-for-you content prompts, plug-n-play captions, and a ready-made content calendar to make creating and posting valuable content super easy. 

Phase 04

Monique- Introducing.png

Audience Building with Facebook & Amazon Ads

Learn easy Facebook and Amazon ad strategies that will turbo boost your email list with up to 1,000 new subscribers in just 30 days, even with a limited budget.
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Build an email list of target readers & create a bond that goes beyond the book   

Set up your email list with an email service provider and all the required integrations to get you started.

Create lists and tags to segment your email subscribers for more personalized communication and targeted marketing.

Create automated email sequences that welcome your subscribers, warm them up to your brand, and prime them to buy your books. 

Learn how to manage your email metrics to ensure optimal results.

Drive organic traffic to your email list with methods that have been proven to help you gain visibility and get more subscribers.  

Use plug-n-play email templates to make creating email content fun and super easy! 

Phase 05



Myth Buster #2: Book marketing isn't an "either you have it or you don't" thing. It's a learned skill; all you need is a teacher. 



Paid In Full

Payment Options 

Pick from three easy payment options to fit your budget and get started right away. 


but now ... 

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Is Audience Builder Blueprint for you?


If you're new to this whole author thing and you've never self-published a book before, even if you're still writing or you're nowhere near ready to publish, ideally, the audience-building process starts well before you publish your book, so this is perfect timing for you!


If you're a seasoned author who has self-published several books, I get it; you've been down this road before, but ... you're just not seeing the results you want. This is your chance to back it up, flip it, and do it right the NEXT time around, and even get more traction for your existing books. You're right on time!


If you're a fiction author, that's cool; I started as a fiction author too, so I know exactly what it takes to connect with fiction readers and make them see the value in your author brand, even if you're not teaching anything or offering results. You have value too, and the right readers will see it. You can do this!


If you're a nonfiction author, luckily, I know the nonfiction side of the coin too. As an entrepreneur who solves a problem for her audience, you and I are running on parallel tracks. What works for me to grow my audience will work for you too, and that's exactly what I teach inside ABB--my own strategies!   

About Monique.png

I'm Monique Mensah!

I'm a self-publishing and author branding coach who empowers ambitious self-published authors to publish high-quality books, build profitable brands, and create systems and strategies for consistent book sales, so they can become Savvy Self-Publishers and successful authorpreneurs.


I'm a 90's hip-hop and R&B aficionado, a coffee enthusiest, and a conniseur of big hoops and long acrylic nails. 


But maybe a little more relevent to you ... I'm also 3-time award winning self-published author of 5 novels, with over 50,000 book sales under my belt in less than two years (back in my hay day), and in the last three years I have helped over 200 self-published authors become Savvy Self-Publishers as a self-publishing and author branding coach.

I created this course because I want to help people transform from struggling authors into Savvy Self-Publishers with more book sales, more income, and a real chance to live out their dream of becoming a successful (maybe even full-time) authorpreneurs.


I also firmly believe that building an audience of ready-to-buy targeted readers is the key to unlock the future that is waiting for you as the badass, book-selling author you deserve to be.                

hey there!

Myth Buster #3: A bunch of IG followers doesn't equal a bunch of book sales.You've gotta know what to DO with those followers! 

Audience Builder Blueprint is the easiest way to learn how to build your audience at your own pace!



Work on your own schedule, from any laptop, tablet, or from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an internet connection!

This is strictly a digital program, so you can access it from anywhere at any time through our private course portal.

There are no in-person meetings, no travel is required, and the modules are pre-recorded, so there's no need to log in live at any specific time.

Above the Fold.png
  • How long will it take to self-publish my book?
    We will spend 90 days together while I handle the entire self-publishing process for your high-quality book and provide expert coaching to help you build your audience and plan your launch.
  • Is editing included in the publishing package?
    Although I strongly recommend that your manuscript has undergone professional editing before starting the publishing process, I do not provide editing as a service. I will recommend a few good editors if needed, and you can come back to start your publishing project when you're ready.
  • Can I remove any of the listed services included in the package?
    Yes, you can remove any of the listed services included in the package based on your needs, which will reduce the price of the package by the amount it costs to provide that service.
  • How many coaching sessions are included in the package?
    We will meet bi-weekly via Zoom for one hour during our 90-day time together, which comes to approximately 6 coaching sessions per project. You have the ability to add more coaching sessions for an additional fee if you think you need it.
  • What is the payment structure for the done-for-you publishing service?
    The standard done-for-you self-publishing package is $2,779. Half the total payment is due to begin the process, and the remaining balance will be split into two monthly payments. If you choose any add-ons, the package price will be higher, but the payment schedule will remain the same (half up front + two monthly payments).
  • I don't see my genre listed on your website; can you help me?
    The genres I have listed on the site represent what I have done, not what I can do! I am confident that I can help you self-publish just about any genre; however, please feel free to provide the details of your particular project to confirm before deciding to work with me.
  • I've seen others offering a similar service too. How are you different?
    Just about anyone who has published a book can claim to be an industry expert and offer a service, and many do; however, I've noticed a lack of focus on quality when it comes to self-publishing with some of these other service providers. After 15 years in this industry and publishing books for over 200 authors, I know that quality is directly tied to the book's marketability and the author's overall success. So instead of publishing a book the cheapest and quickest way possible, I do what it takes to create a beautifully well-crafted, high-quality, bookshelf-ready book that has real potential to sell.
  • Why should I choose you over Outskirts Press, AuthorHouse or any of the other popular self-publishing companies?
    Simply because they're NOT self-publishing companies. Most of the popular "self-publishing" companies in the market are vanity presses, which means they are pay-to-publish companies (there's a difference). They claim that you get to keep "100% of your rights" when working with them; however, they are referring to your copyright, not your publishing rights. This means that when you publish with them, they will assign an ISBN that THEY own to YOUR book, making their company the publisher of record instead of you, which results in lower profits for book sales, higher costs for author copies of your book, and the inability to control every aspect of your self-published book like a true self-publisher who owns their ISBN. When working with me, I purchase your ISBN(s) on your behalf and register it in your name or the name of your publishing imprint, naming you as the publisher of record and giving you full control over everything pertaining to your published book, so you can be a true Savvy Self-Publisher.



You can continue doing what you're doing (and you already know that's not working), so a month, a year, and five years from now, you'll be stuck in the same place, wishing you had taken action sooner.

You can continue to piecemeal the free, conflicting info you're getting from the blogs, word-of-mouth, and Youtube videos until you have enough to throw at the wall and pray that it sticks.

Or you can take action now to gain all the knowledge, tools, resources, and support you need to start building your ready-to-buy target reader audience so you can fuel an explosive book launch and consistent book sales.

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what's it gonna be ...

(Join today — doors close soon!)

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Your success depends entirely on your own effort, motivation, commitment, and follow through.  We cannot predict and we do not guarantee that you will attain a particular result, and you accept and understand that results differ for each individual.  You fully agree that there are no guarantees as to a specific outcome or result you can expect from using the information you receive on or through this website or program.  We make no promises or warranties concerning your likelihood of success, performance, future earnings, business profits, marketing performance, customer growth or results of any kind. You understand that with any business endeavor there is an inherent risk, including a loss of capital and loss of customers and therefore you assume all responsibility for any such risk.  



I present testimonials and insights about other people's experiences with my program for purposes of illustration only. The testimonials, examples, and photos used are of actual clients. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible. 

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