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Does This Sound Like You?

Your fiction or nonfiction manuscript is complete (or nearly complete) and you're ready to self-publish, but you have no idea how to do that!

You've seen some of those "other" books, and you know you have to come better than that! You'll accept nothing less than high-quality!

You need to get this book published but you just don't have the time to do it yourself. You want someone to do it for you, and do it right!

You don't only want to publish the book, you want to get your book into readers' hands, and you need some expert advice on exactly how to do that.


It's time to transform your manuscript into a masterpiece!

There's no need to stress about the self-publishing process. Whether you lack the time, resources, know-how, or even just the desire to do it on your own, I will facilitate the entire process for you, leaving you with a beautifully crafted, high-quality book that both you and your readers will love! 

let's work!

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feeling overwhelmed? 


I've helped over 200 authors self-publish high-quality books that can compete with traditionally published books and win!

This is how I do it ...

I will create an account for you so I can purchase an ISBN (or a block of 10 ISBNs) on your behalf and register it in the name of a publishing imprint that you own (I can help with that too if needed). 
We will research and brainstorm ideas for book covers together; then I will work with my trusted book cover designers to create a high-quality, genre-appropriate book cover that you will absolutely love!
I will work closely with my trusted interior layout designer to create an interior layout for your book that is perfectly cohesive with your book cover design and will provide a seamless, enjoyable reading experience for your readers.
After your cover design and interior layout are complete, I will work with my designers to convert your beautifully laid out book interior into an eBook file, compatible with with all eReader devices and on eBook retailers. 
I will create (or update) accounts on your behalf, so I can order a printed proof for your book and then publish your book with print-on-demand distribution so it will be available for sale through thousands of online retailers worldwide. 
I will meet with you 1-on-1 for bi-weekly coaching sessions. I also give you access to my Audience Builder Blueprint Course, which includes 16 live group coaching calls!

There are some important things about self-publishing I want you to know before we work together. 

Let's set a few things  straight before we start ...

The cheapest (or free) way to self-publish may be the short cut to a dead end. If you want a marketable book that's actually gonna sell, make quality your top priority!

Just say no to free ISBNs. Savvy Self-Publishers make sure their ISBN is registered in their name or the name of their own publishing imprint, so they can control everything! 

DIY can leave your book DOA! Stay away from do-it-yourself design options. It's easy to spot a self-made book cover, and readers don't like that!

Professional editing is required for a high-quality book. It tells readers you're serious about your future as an author and it ensures they'll get more value for their buck!

The book isn't gonna sell itself. If you want to get your book into readers' hands, you must build an audience and create a solid marketing strategy for consistent sales. 


Make your ark script.png
Make your ark script.png


My number one priority is the client experience. I'm not happy until

you're in love with your new book!

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Monique kept the self-publishing process running smoothly.  She gave clear direction on what input she needed from me and worked to keep up with my timeline. She's incredibly organized, detail oriented, an excellent editor, and I couldn't have asked for a better self-publishing experience.

- Megan Wooding

MWooding Pic.jpg

I can't say enough about my experience with Monique Mensah, but one thing is for sure—she knows her stuff! Monique is personable, a great communicator, and an even better project manager. But most importantly, she's honestly the secret weapon to a successful and professional self-published book. I'm a lifetime client! 

- Tina Red

TRed headshot.jpeg

If anyone is thinking about self-publishing a book, but is unsure of the process, Monique and Make Your Mark Publishing Solutions is a no-brainer! Thanks again, Monique!  You are truly the best!

- Brandon D. Bradley

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Transform your manuscript into a masterpiece in a few easy steps ...

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Check Mark.png

We'll meet bi-weekly via Zoom to discuss the particulars of your project and for coaching to help you build your audience and plan your launch. 

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We'll wrap up in 90 days. I'll transfer your final files to you and provide video tutorials for how to access your accounts and maintain your new, self-published book.

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Once I review your application and determine that we're a good fit, I will contact you with an offer, so we can get started. 

I'll get to work, taking charge of every step of the self-publishing process, but you'll always be in the loop, and you will always have the final say. 

Apply to work with me by answering a few questions about your publishing project and your goals. 


how it works


These are just a few of the titles I've helped my clients self-publish ...


Maybe you like what you see, but you're still wondering if my done-for-you self-publishing services are right for you. 

I've helped hundreds of authors across genres publish beautiful, high-quality books that they love!


Publishing is so much easier when you have an expert doing it for you.

I'm a fiction author at heart, so I love helping my fiction authors create a compelling work of art that pulls readers in and keeps them captivated until the last page.

Nonfiction books appeal more to the readers' brains than their emotions, and knowing that allows me to create well-crafted books for my nonfiction authors that not only look good but resonate with their readers' desired results. 

I love seeing my clients' children's books come to life with beautiful illustrations, colors, vibrant colors and engaging content. Whether it's a hardcover or paperback (or both), I've got you covered!



1 ISBN Purchase + Registration

Standard custom book cover 

Standard Interior Layout Design

eBook Conversion

Print-On-Demand Publishing

6 1-on-1 bi-weekly coaching sessions

16 live group coaching sessions

Lifetime access to Audience Builder Blueprint Online course

I'm Monique.png


Don't see your genre listed? Just ask and I'll let you know if we're a good fit.



  • Contemporary Fiction

  • Women's Fiction

  • Contemporary Romance

  • AA Fiction

  • YA

  • Crime Thriller

  • Psychological Thriller

  • Suspense Thriller

  • Urban Fantasy

  • Sci-Fi

  • Humorous

  • Erotica

  • Street Lit/Urban Fiction


  • Business 

  • Personal Finance

  • Poetry

  • Memoir

  • Self-Help

  • How-To

  • Joke Book 

  • Essays

  • Health

  • Religion

  • New Age

  • Guides


  • Picture Books

  • Chapter Books

  • Middle Grade

  • Inspirational

  • Educational 

  • Affirmations

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Make your ark script.png


Make your ark script.png

Working withMonique was a professional experience from start to finish. From the time I accessed Monique’s website for my inquiry, she coached me through the entire process of self-publishing, branding/marketing, and cover design. Monique is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend her services for all your self-publishing needs.

- Tanya Taylor

TTaylor Head Shot.jpg

Monique was everything I needed in a self-publishing assistant. She made the process flawless, kept me on a timeline, and gave me constructive feedback that felt easy to complete and was much needed to make my book the best possible form of itself. She is a wizard behind the scenes—taking care of everything from managing the cover design, making sure the interior design was perfect and keeping me from getting cold feet!  Thank you for everything, Monique! 

- Melissa Sher

MSher headshot.png

Monique supported me in every area needed for my book from edit to publish. She responded to my emails and texts in a timely manner, and I didn't have to do anything but write. And to leave the best for last, Monique’s tips on the author game helped me sell 60 pre-orders and a total of 118 books the first month of my book release! I highly recommend her!

- Taneshia Johnson

  • How long will it take to self-publish my book?
    We will spend 90 days together while I handle the entire self-publishing process for your high-quality book and provide expert coaching to help you build your audience and plan your launch.
  • Is editing included in the publishing package?
    Although I strongly recommend that your manuscript has undergone professional editing before starting the publishing process, I do not provide editing as a service. I will recommend a few good editors if needed, and you can come back to start your publishing project when you're ready.
  • Can I remove any of the listed services included in the package?
    Yes, you can remove any of the listed services included in the package based on your needs, which will reduce the price of the package by the amount it costs to provide that service.
  • How many coaching sessions are included in the package?
    We will meet bi-weekly via Zoom for one hour during our 90-day time together, which comes to approximately 6 coaching sessions per project. You have the ability to add more coaching sessions for an additional fee if you think you need it.
  • What is the payment structure for the done-for-you publishing service?
    The standard done-for-you self-publishing package is $2,779. Half the total payment is due to begin the process, and the remaining balance will be split into two monthly payments. If you choose any add-ons, the package price will be higher, but the payment schedule will remain the same (half up front + two monthly payments).
  • I don't see my genre listed on your website; can you help me?
    The genres I have listed on the site represent what I have done, not what I can do! I am confident that I can help you self-publish just about any genre; however, please feel free to provide the details of your particular project to confirm before deciding to work with me.
  • I've seen others offering a similar service too. How are you different?
    Just about anyone who has published a book can claim to be an industry expert and offer a service, and many do; however, I've noticed a lack of focus on quality when it comes to self-publishing with some of these other service providers. After 15 years in this industry and publishing books for over 200 authors, I know that quality is directly tied to the book's marketability and the author's overall success. So instead of publishing a book the cheapest and quickest way possible, I do what it takes to create a beautifully well-crafted, high-quality, bookshelf-ready book that has real potential to sell.
  • Why should I choose you over Outskirts Press, AuthorHouse or any of the other popular self-publishing companies?
    Simply because they're NOT self-publishing companies. Most of the popular "self-publishing" companies in the market are vanity presses, which means they are pay-to-publish companies (there's a difference). They claim that you get to keep "100% of your rights" when working with them; however, they are referring to your copyright, not your publishing rights. This means that when you publish with them, they will assign an ISBN that THEY own to YOUR book, making their company the publisher of record instead of you, which results in lower profits for book sales, higher costs for author copies of your book, and the inability to control every aspect of your self-published book like a true self-publisher who owns their ISBN. When working with me, I purchase your ISBN(s) on your behalf and register it in your name or the name of your publishing imprint, naming you as the publisher of record and giving you full control over everything pertaining to your published book, so you can be a true Savvy Self-Publisher.

I am your secret weapon for successful

Your book is your legacy; let's get this done right the first time around with Savvy Self-Publishing. 

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